The Jeapordy Maze


For how long will your ghost walk with me?
I thought your ashes lived among the roses now.
Were you the white shadow that sent me sleepless nights?
I ran from you then as I did as a child.
My birthplace no longer held me as your white charger appeared,
For the time had begun, my eyes spelt out hope.
I wanted to leave the beggar child at mother's door
But I knew she was part and parcel of my whole.
And you, my brother, I ask were we ever close?
Or did our cat and dog fighting secretly take its toll?
For you live in your world and I live in mine.
Yours solid to the grasp, mine flows undefined.
I have a listening ear or shoulder to cry.
My friend that leaves for life across the water.
And I wish you safe passage 'cause you're leaving for love
Which is a rare thing in a day and an age.