The Jeapordy Maze

Lip Sync

I got pearls, for girls
But I wish I had a penny for the poor, I despise
If I touch, your skin
And you break my back you brings tears to my eyes.

Whiten the walls
They whiten the walls of Washington. Lip Sync.

I got shells, as well
But I'm holding back my fire till they're in my sights
I got guns, to run
Catch me running faster than a white boy's lies.

Red as the roads
Running red as the roads of Birmingham. Lip Sync.

I got sex, for sale
I'm trading in chains for the virgin brides
I got hell, to pay
And I'm cracking like the whip for the dog I hired.

Darken the doors
We darken the doors of Whitehall. Lip Sync.

Darken the doors... Lip Sync.

Martin Bowes