The Jeapordy Maze

Into the waves

The light flickers for a moment
then dies.
A heart sings for an instant
then cries.

A restless emotion
Down by the waves
Licking your wounds
And finding salvation
Someone is laughing
They're talking sense
Give up my head
For dead I meant

Flowers are cruched
By heavy hands
Innocence is often planned
This way

Into the waves
Into the waves, My braves

Look at yourself
It triggers then falls away
Mercenary for a day

Someone set my mind on fire
Cursing love and then retire
Clip the wings off some's smile
Hands to heads and getting higher

Did you realise
The depth I wonder
Wading in but going under

Waves of emotion
Waves of contempt
Waves of another
Who heard what I said.

Martin Bowes