The Jeapordy Maze

In your hand

What can you hold in your hand when you die?
What are you missing when you don't even try?
Can you see the future written on a card?
It might not happen but, it's ever so hard.

How can you own when you don't own you?
How can you decide when you don't know what's true?
What do you see in the rest of your life?
"I see prosperity", it's ever so nice.

What do you feel at the end of the day?
What do you think do you mean what you say?
Can you talk to neighbours do you have to shout?
Have you ever wondered what it's all about?

What do you see in the palm of your hand?
What will you do with what you have found?
Have to go soon back to where you came.
Will we remember...even your name?

Martin Bowes