The Jeapordy Maze

Death Truck

Head down, cut out
What the hell's he on about?
Black blade, licked clean
We're the ones to hear you scream

We're going riding, going riding
Death Truck

Big deal, just taste!
Turn around and slap my face
Big meal, for God's sake!
Life blood draining from your plate

We're going riding, go riding
Death Truck

Watch that man - incinerate
Head spins like, a satellite
Stands too close to, fire light
His skin burns thin, so we know where he's been,

He's been riding, been riding
Death Truck

Watch that window, cave in
This is no way, to save him
I hear the driver's still alive
Cross your heart and hope to die

Die riding, go riding

Death truck
Dog truck
Taste good
Lekkere droom

Martin Bowes