The Jeapordy Maze

The begining of the end

Staring at the edge of the air
I feel the wall fade with care

Take out a madman - shoot him
Discover pleasure - losing
You are - everything
You always - wanted to be
You always - will you see
So don't mind me

Take a trip to eventually
Come with me to eventually

Line of ice
Line of ice is crystal clear
Prey on hope and made of fears
Tremble like a ...
Hold you close to me my dear

Unusual illusions
Delicate and beautiful
Takes a breath
To shatter them
It's always always happening

Hear the face that never smiles
Take a seat and stay a while
She's so
Very volatile

Unusually beautiful
Everything is wonderful
Take my hand and rest a while
She's so very volatile

Forget the man - you know you can
Forget the man - possess the land
It's running through my fingers she's like sand

The biggest joke is the one that's yet to come!

Martin Bowes