Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

The attrition of reason – redux

We are very pleased to announce…
The attrition of reason – redux
pre-orders are in place on this now.. and its a very limited edition of 100.
Listen and order here:
The Attrition of Reason was our first album proper.
Originally released on vinyl on Third Mind Records in 1984.
After rediscovering the original 4 track tapes 10 years ago and remastering the song “Beast of Burden” for the 2006 ATTRITION best of collection i knew i had to remaster the rest of the album… along the way i discovered demos and alternate takes of some of the songs.I was also pleased to be in contact with the original cover photographer and find full colour photographs from that 1984 session.

The 2 CD set also includes a selection of hard to find bonus tracks from the many cassette and vinyl compilations we contributed to over 1982 – 84.
So here it is… after a rather long wait…
The attrition of reason – redux

This version mixed and mastered from the original 4 track cassette tapes by
Martin Bowes At The Cage Studios, Coventry, England. 2016-17
Including the single that preceded it and a collection of demos,
With a bonus disc of material from compilations and cassette releases. 1982 – 84.

Disc A
Tracks 1 – 8 from The Attrition of Reason. 1984
Tracks 9 – 10 from The Deliverance EP. 1984
Tracks 11 – 14 are original demo mixes. 1983
Bonus Disc
Tracks 1 – 5 originally released on the Attrition Onslaught Cassette. 1983.
Tracks 6 – 10 taken from various compilation releases 1982 – 84

All tracks recorded direct to 4 track portastudio
at Black Prince Studios, Coventry : 1982 – 84.
Cover photos by Rob Lapworth at his photo studio
and live at The General Wolfe, Coventry. 1984

Martin Bowes: Vocals, electronics. effects
Julia/Chryzz: Vocals, bass guitar, percussion
Ashley Niblock: Keyboards, electronics
Guest saxophone by Gordon Maxwell…

There is also a limited run T-shirt available seperately or as part of the CD/Shirt set…
The download also includes a scan of the original hand made “attrition of reason” lyric sheet, included only in the first ever vinyl edition of 1984.
This is a Two Gods production for Ultra Mail. 2017

“A veritable Punk Floyd…” Dave Henderson, Sounds. 1984