Poetry Of Thorns

8th February 2018

“Poetic manifestations through Dark Ambient, Industrial and Neoclassical music…” The new album from Mexico’s Poetry Of Thorns, mixed and mastered at The Cage Studios …and with a guest vocal from Martin Bowes… Available on all digital platforms from February 26th…and on our bandcamp site now! https://twogods.bandcamp.com/album/poetry-of-thorns

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Planetdamage – Stray Signal

3rd February 2018

The latest ep from Hungarian Industrialist Planetdamage is out on all digital platforms … and from today on our official bandcamp site! Original tracks mixed by Martin Bowes (ATTRITION) at The Cage, with remixes from Angelspit, Leaether Strip and Der Prosector… https://twogods.bandcamp.com/album/stray-signal

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Sex Death Religion – Weird music for weirdos

The latest slice of electronic horror coming this way February 16th from Canadian EDM/EBM crossover Sex Death Religion …. a brand new ep…. and you can pick it up now on our bandcamp pages.. https://twogods.bandcamp.com/album/weird-music-for-weirdos

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