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All Mine Enemys Whispers….

1st October 2018

ATTRITION : All Mine Enemys Whispers…. “Mary Ann Cotton, She’s dead and she’s rotten She lies in her bed, With her eyes wide open Sing, sing, oh, what can I sing, Mary Ann Cotton is tied up with string …” Legend has it that When the walls are thin between the world of the living […]

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ATTRITION – Invocation

1st August 2018

To celebrate the imminent ATTRITION show in Transylvania, performing our 2012 horror film score “Invocation”, We are giving away the soundtrack as a free download ( the CD version will be half price) For the month of August only…. join us….

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Cage 25

23rd July 2018

A selection of music produced and mastered during the Cage Studio’s 25th year… A free to download collection from our official bandcamp site: Album compiled and remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios. Coventry. England. 2018. Born in 1993. The Cage Studios was a vehicle used primarily for Attrition works and a few […]

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ATTRITION – Live in Wellington, New Zealand.

23rd June 2018

A live document of the ATTRITION show this May in Wellington, New Zealand… a totally free to download ep from our bandcamp site.. Karma Mechanic Narcissist Snakepit The Mercy Machine The Long Hall Dante’s Kitchen Recorded Live by Bryan Gordon Moliere Tabuteau At Valhalla, Wellington, New Zealand, May 11th 2018. Mixed and Mastered by […]

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Poetry Of Thorns

8th February 2018

“Poetic manifestations through Dark Ambient, Industrial and Neoclassical music…” The new album from Mexico’s Poetry Of Thorns, mixed and mastered at The Cage Studios …and with a guest vocal from Martin Bowes… Available on all digital platforms from February 26th…and on our bandcamp site now!

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